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Yaffe Center for Persuasive Communication

Teaching & Research

The Yaffe Center is dedicated to preparing students for careers in persuasive communications. We sponsor two University of Michigan courses: Designing Persuasive Communications and our new offering, Leveraging Industrial Design for Marketing. To learn more about these and related University courses visit U-M Courses on Persuasion.

The Yaffe Center also disseminates research conducted by others in the field of persuasive communication. We fund targeted original research, as well, commissioning case studies and teaching materials on topics relevant to the center’s focus areas. We invite researchers to submit their working papers for others to download

Topics of particular interest currently include:

  • The impact of the Internet, including digital and other new media
  • Lessons about communication principles in film, religion, politics, theater and other pertinent areas
  • The impact of style and design
  • “Non-linear” styles of communication processing
  • Branded entertainment as a vehicle of commercial persuasion

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Submit Your Working Papers and Discussion Items

The Yaffe Center invites you to submit your working papers directly to the site. You may attach the working paper directly to our form.

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Ikea Shopping Experience

Capitalizing on Sweden’s reputation for beautiful furniture design, IKEA presented consumers with a new shopping experience.