Michigan Ross School of Business
Yaffe Center for Persuasive Communication

Search Engine Marketing

January 30, 2009

This Yaffe Center sponsored event gave participants hands-on knowledge and skills concerning the biggest and fastest-growing forms of online marketing communication: natural search and paid search. Speakers from Google and SMG Search gave presentations and engaged participants in hands-on exercises. About 40 students from across the Ross School of Business attended.


Part One: Search Engine Perspective

Charles Scrase, Online Sales and Operations Manager at Google, gave an introduction to natural search and strategies on how to maximize results. He also presented an overview of paid search, using AdWords as an illustration. Participants were given the opportunity to set up their own AdWords accounts and were guided through best-practices strategies.  

Part Two: Agency-Client Search Perspective

Brian Doelle, Director at SMG Search, spoke on search marketing, what works and what doesn’t. Participants then worked in teams to assess the search campaign of a hypothetical company.

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