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Web Site Strategy and Tactics 2002

Web Site Strategy and Tactics Workshop, September 20, 2002

LEARN TO IMPROVE YOUR WEB-SITE BUILDING SKILLS! Sooner or later we will all be involved in the building of web sites for your company, department, student club or just for yourself. But building an effective web site is very different from putting a print brochure together. It requires judgment and skills in deciding what content to feature and what functionality to build on the site; how the many web pages in the site should "fit" together and how to make the site easily navigable; and how to make each web page easy and interesting to use. Additionally, as more and more businesses use the web for business-to-business application the web plays an increasingly important role in all facets of business life.

To get expert advice on these and other issues, sign up for the open enrollment day-long workshop on Friday September 20 on "Wed Site Strategy and Tactics" organized by the Yaffe Center for Persuasive Communication at the University of Michigan. The workshop will feature nationally-known experts from relevant disciplines to help students, faculty, administrators, and practitioners learn how to use and create more effective web sites. The workshop is sponsored by the Yaffe Center, with the University's School of Information / Digital Media Commons / Communication Department as co-sponsors. It will be held at the University's Business School.

Topics to be addressed at the Workshop include:
  • Strategy/Content Considerations
  • Business to Business Applications
  • Web Site Navigation Architecture Design Issues
  • Web Page Design (Layout, Graphics)
Featured Speakers include:

And more experts from, Accenture, Diamond Bullet, Enlighten, Ford, Fry Multimedia, GM, GLTG, Leo Burnett, Pfizer, Proctor and Gamble, Sv3, TecEd, Whirlpool as well as the U of M's Digital Media Commons and Schools of Art/Design, Business, and Information will participate (subject to change).

The workshop is sponsored by ISEF, with the University's School of Information / Digital Media Commons.

Conference Agenda:
08:00AM - 08:30AM
Friday, September 20
at the University of Michigan School of Business
08:30AM - 09:45AM Welcome and Keynote Speaker:
Welcome/Introduction by Rajeev Batra, Director, The Yaffe Center

Keynote Speaker Topic: "Using Websites to Deepen Customer Relationships"
> Karlenzig presentation notes (PPT)
09:45AM - 11:15AM Panel Session on Web Site Strategy:

 Joyce Mueller, E-Marketing, Ford
> Mueller presentation notes (PPT)

 Steven Hanna, Executive Director of Product Development and Services, GM
> Hanna presentation notes (PPT)

Ron Kim, Senior Executive, Accenture
> Kim presentation notes (PPT)

 Doug Milne, Director of SmartWorks, Procter and Gamble
> Milne presentation notes (PPT)

Moderator: Jerry Peterson, Professor, University of Michigan
11:15AM - 11:30AM Break:
Coffee Break
11:30AM - 12:30PM Keynote Speaker "Designing Successful Websites":
GEORGE ZINKHAN, Coca-Cola Company Professor of Marketing, University of Georgia
> Zinkhan presentation notes (part 2) (PPT)
12:30PM - 01:45PM Lunch Break:
On own; lunch at the Executive Residence available.

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01:45PM - 03:00PM Three Panels (repeated 3:15-4:30pm)
PANEL 1: Site Page and Design PANEL 2: Web Site Design (Navigation/Architecture; Usability, etc.) PANEL 3: Business to Business
03:00PM - 03:15PM Break:
Coffee Break
03:15PM - 04:30PM Panel Sessions:
Repeat of 3 panel sessions (see above 1:15-2:30pm panels)
04:30PM - 05:30PM Reception
05:30PM Student Team Competition: Student teams work on Case Competition Assignment

Students from Business+Art+Information Schools form teams and compete for prize. Assignment is to critique and revamp existing web site, to be announced earlier. Entries to be judged by a panel of expert judges. $1900 in Awards. Judging will take place Friday September 28 late afternoon. Details will be e-mailed to all student registrants.

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