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  • Creativity Online

    This site summarizes what critics have found to be some of the most successful and effective advertisements that are currently on television.

  • American Film Institute

    The American Film Institute (AFI) is the nation's preeminent arts organization dedicated to advancing and preserving the art of the moving image. Since 1967, AFI has served as America's voice for film, television, video, and the digital arts, with innovative programs in education, training, exhibition, preservation, and new technology.

  • Advertising Photographer Association (APA)

    The Advertising Photographers Association is an advocacy group for professional commercial photographers. Its goal is to serve as a resource for industry norms and standards, and to disseminate information about the importance of, advertising photographers and production professionals.

  • Approaches to a Semiotics of Language Behavior

    A detailed description about the study of semiotics and its role in our lives.

  • Black Film Center/Archive

    The Black Film Center/Archive (BFC/A) is a repository of films and related materials by and about African Americans.

  • Cambridge Documentary Films, Inc

    Cambridge Documentary Films is a non-profit organization that has been making award-winning films and videos for over twenty years.

  • Cinefex

    Cinefex is a publication and web resource focused on disseminating information about and advancing the art of cinematic special effects. Topics include CGI, digital animation, and emerging technologies.

  • Cinemedia

    Cinemedia is the Internet's largest film and media directory. This site is the source for over 25,000 other ones in this field.

  • Cybersociology

    This article discusses Cyberspace, a term coined for the accessible area of the World Wide Web, its primary focus and consequent impact in recent years. Links that develop from this site include research material about related topics.

  • Design Language, Etc.

    A site with numerous links that discusses controversial issues in the following fields: design, teaching, theory, ergonomics, philosophy, product language, semiotics, semantics, poetry, marketing, and morphology.

  • Film and Television Studies

    This site contains a series of articles and web links. One of the many included topics is generalities and stereotypes made in marketing and the media. There are contributions from numerous authors, who write for various sources.

  • Film Festival Server

    The Film Festival Server--Links to information on film festivals around the world.

  • Filmlinc

    "America’s pre-eminent film presentation organization, The Film Society of Lincoln Center was founded in 1969 to celebrate American and international cinema, to recognize and support new filmmakers, and to enhance awareness, accessibility and understanding of the art among a broad and diverse film going audience."

  • Film.com

    This is a web site designed to keep its viewers up-to-date on the most current information about the film world including the latest news and information.


    The International Association for Semiotic Studies -- Association Internationale de Sémiotique IASS-AIS was founded in 1969 and is the world organization in semiotics. Some of its numerous goals include promoting semiotic research in a scientific spirit, reinforcing the international cooperation of this field, collaborating with similar associations, and providing an international forum of discussion for these issues.

  • International Visual Communication Association

    The International Visual Communication Association (IVCA) works to promote the role of commissioners, producers and the support industries which provide corporate visual communication. With roots in video, film, business events, equipment and hire industries, the Association has also developed significant representation of the new and fast growing technologies, notably business television, digital communications, interactive media and the Internet.

  • Internet Movie Database

    The Internet Movie Database is an international volunteer effort whose objective is to provide useful and up to date movie information *freely* available on-line, across as many systems and platforms as possible. It currently covers over 50,000 movies with over 650,000 filmography entries and is expanding continuously.

  • MCS-The Media and Communications Studies Site

    This page is saturated with links, resources, and research about various forms of media, including film, advertising, and TV & Radio.

  • RML Page of Film Theory

    This site, which contains numerous studies and links, includes discussion about the effect of the visual film media on its viewers.

  • Semiotics

    This site is simply a thorough list of numerous links that provide information about the study of signs in our daily lives.

  • Society for Cinema Studies

    Founded in 1959, the Society for Cinema Studies is a professional organization composed of college and university educators, filmmakers, historians, critics, scholars, and others concerned with the study of the moving image.

  • WGBH/Boston

    WGBH aims to promote the general education of the public by offering television, radio and other telecommunications programs and services that inform, inspire and entertain, so that persons of all ages, origins and beliefs may be encouraged, in an atmosphere of artistic freedom, to learn and appreciate the history, the sciences, the humanities, the fine arts, the practical arts, the music, the politics, the economics, and other significant aspects of the world they live in, and thereby to enrich and improve their lives.

  • Yahoo! Music

    Yahoo! Music is a media company dedicated to creating the premier Internet music site,Yahoo! Music. Yahoo! Music provides music fans with the broadest array of music, music videos and music-related editorial content on the Web, while at the same time giving its visitors a wide selection of streaming audio, the Web's largest collection of music videos, concert listings, exclusive artist features and chats covering all genres of music.


The Groundbreaking Beetle

Through a groundbreaking advertising campaign and a new design sensibility, the Beetle became a symbol of the 1960’s flower power culture.

Volkswagen Beetle 1967