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  • Advertising Age

    This site is the internet compliment to the weekly magazine Advertising Age. There are numerous articles, opinions and data on traditional and nontraditional advertising and marketing. Additional features include a job bank, and ordering an AdAge subscription online.

  • American Journalism Review

    This site contains over 18,000 links to newspapers, magazines, broadcasters and news services worldwide. In addition, all of the online versions of the major US cities' newspapers can be located by following links from this master site.

  • American Marketing Association

    This is the main page for the American Marketing organization; the site has numerous links to research sources about consumer psychology as well as a variety of techniques used to visually persuade.

  • Business to Business Capital Corp

    NetB2B is Advertising Age's digital online publication of the marketing revolution; it contains many links and additional information about the most current information in the marketing world.

  • Color Marketing Group

    The Color Marketing group is the premier International Association that forecasts colors for manuactured products, giving color and desgin professionals the competitive marketing edge.

  • Communication Arts Magazine

    Magazine on creativity for graphic designers, art directors, copywriters, photographers, illustrators and multimedia designers.

  • Creativity Online

    This site summarizes what critics have found to be some of the most successful and effective advertisements that are currently on television.

  • Design Language, Etc.

    A site with numerous links that discusses controversial issues in the following fields: design, teaching, theory, ergonomics, philosophy, product language, semiotics, semantics, poetry, marketing, and morphology.

  • Film and Television Studies

    This site contains a series of articles and web links. One of the many included topics is generalities and stereotypes made in marketing and the media. There are contributions from numerous authors, who write for various sources.

  • Graphis Magazine

    Graphis is the premiere publication covering graphic communication worldwide and is well known for the emphasis on cutting edge design and presentation within its own pages. Graphis’ mission is to keep its readers informed on the most important trends in the design industry through its magazine, store and annual publications.


    The International Association for Semiotic Studies -- Association Internationale de Sémiotique IASS-AIS was founded in 1969 and is the world organization in semiotics. Some of its numerous goals include promoting semiotic research in a scientific spirit, reinforcing the international cooperation of this field, collaborating with similar associations, and providing an international forum of discussion for these issues.

  • Iconocast

    Contains articles and resources for online advertising and marketing.

  • International Visual Communication Association

    The International Visual Communication Association (IVCA) works to promote the role of commissioners, producers and the support industries which provide corporate visual communication. With roots in video, film, business events, equipment and hire industries, the Association has also developed significant representation of the new and fast growing technologies, notably business television, digital communications, interactive media and the Internet.

  • Internet Advertising Bureau

    This organization has numerous articles, reports, statistics and even job opportunities in the field of internet advertising.

  • Internet Marketing Center

    This is a list of over 750 corporations that advertise online and have large advertising budgets. All of these compaines are examples of successful online marketing.

  • Internet Marketing Tips

    This site contains a list of suggestions for a fledgling web enterpeneur to initiate e-commerce. It also provides links for successful online promotion.

  • Mastery InSight Institute

    This is a brief dialogue taken from the Mastery InSight Institute that discusses advertising's effect on the American consumer.

  • Online Advertising Discussion List

    A list of resources all pertaining to internet advertising, ranging from conference reports to advertising legistlation.

  • Semiotics

    This site is simply a thorough list of numerous links that provide information about the study of signs in our daily lives.

  • Semiotics Home Page

    This page is devoted to the study of Semiotics, as it contains numerous detailed links about the study as well as thorough research presented on the subject by both students and professors at Indiana University.

  • Semiotics Solutions

    All successful marketing works because it hits the right cultural button, creatively harnessing the power of culture - the greatest influence in all our lives and purchase decisions. This statement is the main principle of the corporation, "Cultural Creativity," which uses semiotics to enhance a product's appeal for any company wishing to do so.

  • Social Sciences Servers from the World Wide Web Virtual

    This site contains links to leading information facilities across the Internet in the field of Social Sciences.

  • Visual Persuasion

    This web site contains quality photography that has been used for successful marketing. By displaying the work of skilled artists, the site provides its visitors with information about photography in the field of marketing.

  • Yahoo! Music

    Yahoo! Music is a media company dedicated to creating the premier Internet music site, Yahoo! Music. Yahoo! Music provides music fans with the broadest array of music, music videos and music-related editorial content on the Web, while at the same time giving its visitors a wide selection of streaming audio, the Web's largest collection of music videos, concert listings, exclusive artist features and chats covering all genres of music.


Dyson's Market Success

By applying physics concepts and saying "goodbye to the bag,” Dyson's eye-catching, modern, vacuum cleaner design won it market success.

Dyson vacuum 1983