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  • Absolute Arts

    This site contains sources that display the work of skilled artists and photographers. In addition, it serves as a posting place for artists who are interested in sharing their art as well.

  • Advertising Photographer Assocation

    The Advertising Photographers Association is an advocacy group for professional commercial photographers. Its goal is to serve as a resource for industry norms and standards, and to disseminate information about the importance of, advertising photographers and production professionals.

  • Café Society Services

    Café Society Services is a small group of talented individuals whose strong design and technical backgrounds enable them to produce pioneering and innovative projects in the areas of graphic design, web design, and photography.

  • Center for Photography at Woodstock

    The Center for Photography at Woodstock provides an artistic home for contemporary creative photographers with programs in education, exhibition, publication, fellowships, and services that create access to professional workspace, nourishing responses, and new audiences. As an organization created and influenced by artists, they bring together a culturally diverse community to explore arts related to the photographic medium.

  • Communication Arts Magazine

    Magazine on creativity for graphic designers, art directors, copywriters, photographers, illustrators and multimedia designers.

  • Dageurreian Society Homepage

    Deemed the world's fastest growing photohistorical group, the daguerreotype is a visual wonder. It contains galleries of stunning 19th century imagery as well as the exquisite modern-day work.

  • Friends of Photography

    The Friends of Photography is a non profit, member-supported, international visual arts organization that operates the Ansel Adams Center for Photography in San Francisco. The Friends promotes visual literacy by presenting, analyzing and interpreting photography as the fundamental medium of visual experience.

  • International Institute of Photographic Arts

    The International Institute of Photographic Authors is a non-profit association of photographers united to promote the acceptance of the original color photographic print as a legitimate art object.

  • Introduction to Web Design with Adobe Photoshop

    This is simply a basic introduction to Web Authoring and Design using Adobe, a well-developed, prestigious company, as a base.

  • PhotoALF

    This site contains artwork, theory, and resources about artistic photography. It is especially oriented to the digital manipulation and its creative possibilities.

  • PhotoArts

    PhotoArts is dedicated to the community of collectors, dealers, professionals and enthusiasts of fine art photography, providing comprehensive, international coverage of the art photography marketplace.

  • Photovoice

    Photovoice blends a grassroots approach to photography and social action. It enables people to record and reflect their community's strengths and problems. It promotes dialogue about important issues through group discussion and photographs. Finally, it engages policymakers.

  • Society for News Design

    SND has more than 2,500 members in more than 50 countries: publishers, editors, designers, artists, photographers, managers, students and faculty who design newspapers, magazines and Web pages. SND is dedicated to improving news presentation and design in all media.

  • Visual Communication Links

    A series of links are provided here in four subfields pertaining to visual communication--design, photography, internet design, and computer graphics.

  • Visual Persuasion

    This web site contains quality photography that has been used for successful marketing. By displaying the work of skilled artists, the site provides its visitors with information about photography in the field of marketing.


Iconic Levi's Jeans

These iconic jeans became a cultural touchstone because of their association with non-conformists like James Dean and Marlon Brando.

Levi's Jean 1873