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  • Association of Religion Data Archives

    The American Religion Data Archive collects quantitative data sets for the study of American religion. It allows one to search its database for religious content.

  • Brainwashing Controversies: Updates and Documents

    This site provides a collection of articles and research material that suggests that brainwashing and religion are interrelated.

  • Center for the Study of Religion in Public Life (Trinity College)

    The Center for the Study of Religion in Public Life was established in 1996 to advance knowledge and understanding of the varied roles that religious movements, institutions, and ideas play in the contemporary world; to explore challenges posed by religious pluralism and tensions between religious and secular values; and to examine the influence of religion on politics, civic culture, family life, gender roles, and other issues in the United States and elsewhere in the world.

  • Religion and Politics Organized Section

    The Religion and Politics Organized Section encourages the study of religion and politics by political scientists with a diverse set of interest, including issues of church and state, morality and social justice, political behavior, and public policy.


The Groundbreaking Beetle

Through a groundbreaking advertising campaign and a new design sensibility, the Beetle became a symbol of the 1960’s flower power culture.

Volkswagen Beetle 1967