Michigan Ross School of Business
Yaffe Center for Persuasive Communication

Yaffe Center Courses

  • “Designing Persuasive Communications”

    Jennifer Ashman teaches MKT407.

    This multidisciplinary seminar covers principles of persuasion; persuasion strategy and tactics; and the social impact of persuasion campaigns. Students investigate the form and content of persuasive mass communication. The course provides them with the skills needed for understanding both the business and the techniques of persuasion.

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  • “Persuasive Politics: Voters, Campaigns, and Communication Strategies”

    Professor Arthur Lupia teaches PS389

    Arthur Lupia examines topics relevant to politics and policy including voting, elections, persuasion, opinion change, civic education, coalition governance, legislative-bureaucratic relationships and decision-making under uncertainty.

    His writings yield insight about these topics by integrating concepts and tools from cognitive science, economics, political science, and psychology with lessons learned from his work with public and private decision makers around the world.

    > Sample syllabus and more information (DOC)

The Groundbreaking Beetle

Through a groundbreaking advertising campaign and a new design sensibility, the Beetle became a symbol of the 1960’s flower power culture.

Volkswagen Beetle 1967